How Glass Table Tops Extend Furniture Life

When you invest in quality pieces of furniture for your home you envision that it will be around for a lifetime. However, sadly this is not true, over time the furniture will get scratched, battered and beaten. Glass table tops have been used for years to keep furniture protected from just such damages. The glass offers a durable, thick layer of protection without overshadowing the furniture’s overall design. Here are just a few facts about glass table tops.

Innovations in modern glass making have offered many different designs and levels of durability. In the past, glass tops were very thick and bulky which was not very attractive to the overall design of the home.. These days however, the pieces of glass are much thinner, sleeker and more visually appealing overall. These new designs enhance the wood rather than disguise it under a layer of glass. The thinner glass table tops can be used for anything from desks, coffee table and even sideboards.

Even though the new design is more appealing it still hasn’t lost its intended purpose of protection for your furniture. Wood is an organic material which makes it soft and pliable compared to other materials that are man-made. This means that items like plates, bowls and cups can leave the wood scratched or dented when used over a period of time. By protecting the wood you can save yourself money that would be spent on expensive wood resurfacing. Also the glass is virtually scratch resistant, which will mean that replacing the glass will not be necessary for quite some time.

Another great benefit of glass table tops is that it protects children from the sharp edges from the wooden furniture.  It will also protect against any coloring or art projects your child may want to draw on your wooden furniture. The glass will be easy to get clean if the children get markers or color crayon on them.

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