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How Fast Can I Get My Shower Repaired?

Fast And Efficient Shower Screen Repairs

Cracking a shower screen in your Adelaide bathroom can be frightening. All of that water and glass so close together make it an especially unsettling thought!. If you have accidentally broken your shower screen or noticed that it has warped in some way, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible for safety reasons.

At Jim’s Glass, we provide a shower screen repair service like no other. If you are wondering exactly how long it will take you to get your shower screen repaired, we are here to tell you all of the factors that you need to consider.


The size of the damaged area is a significant factor in the overall time it will take to repair the shower screen. Each break or crack is unique. However, our team is very good at determining a course of action that suits the scenario. Ideally, the size of the crack won’t overly affect the repair time, as our team is well-trained in all manner of glass repair.


If you are having a late night shower and notice a crack or large chip in your shower screen, don’t run the risk of waiting until morning. One of the things that makes Jim’s Glass genuinely unique is the ability to provide emergency repairs to the greater Adelaide area 24/7. We consistently have a mobilised team equipped to handle shower screen repairs, so you can rest assured knowing that as soon as possible, we will fix your glass.


Another aspect that affects the repair process is the kind of glass that you are using. Should an entire panel replacement need to take place, it is essential to use the right glass for the job. In the rare case that we need to order any part to complete the repair, we will provide you with a temporary solution that ensures the safety of you and those inside your home.


At Jim’s Glass, we pride ourselves on our ability to access the vast majority of the great Adelaide area. No matter where you are, South or North, our emergency team will be able to provide you with the repair you need. The more remote you are, the longer you will have to wait for a replacement. However, our priority is always efficiency, especially when delicate glass is concerned.

Our team of glass specialists at Jim’s Glass know what it takes to quickly and effectively repair a shower screen break. If you experience a crack or chip, the best thing you can do is call Jim’s Glass, 24/7. Our team will come to your property for an emergency repair as soon as possible to keep you away from danger. Call today!