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How Can My Shop-Front Window Impact My Energy Efficiency?

Shop Front Window Replacement

When it comes to running a business, it can be an expensive endeavour, especially for those of you with brick and mortar shops. With the rise of Australian electricity costs, it’s no wonder, so many Perth business owners are looking for a way to reduce their business operating costs.

At Jim’s Glass, we have the answer! We specialise in supplying our customers with premium energy efficient glass replacement for their storefront window. This state of the art glass technology means that we can replace your shop front windows with a glass type that will save you money! To find out more about the Jim’s Glass energy efficient range, keep reading:

Why Choose Energy Efficient Glass For Your Shop Front Window Replacement?

When it comes to the structure of any building, residential or commercial, traditional windows prove to be an energy liability to any design. Regular glass offers no insulation benefit, so in a typical structure, the windows are the result of unwanted heat loss or gain, meaning you have to spend more money trying to heat or cool your home or business.

Generally speaking, heat travels to areas of the home that are cold, resulting in temperatures to go up or down. So when the extreme temperatures hit, you’ll find yourself overspending to create a comfortable environment for yourself and your customers.

It is where window replacement with energy efficient glass from Jim’s Glass comes in! Reduce your energy heating and cooling costs. Our energy efficient glass acts as transparent insulation. It will help improve the overall comfort of your Perth property.

Save Significantly With A Shop Front Window Replacement From Jim’s Glass!

Energy efficient glass will aid in the reduction of those costly power bills while keeping your family comfortable. Save potentially 25% of your heating and cooling bills time and time again! One of the best features from energy efficient glass is that your view is never disrupted, continue enjoying the stunning natural light while remaining comfortable all year long!

14-Day Shop Front Window Replacement Turnaround

At Jim’s Glass, we are committed to providing our clients with a prompt window replacement service, which is why you can expect your energy efficient glass to be installed only 14 days after the final measuring.

We offer a complimentary in-house measure and quotation services to discuss your ideas and create a design that is true to your vision. Our professional glaziers are also happy to answer any questions you may have at the time of appointment.

Professional Shop Front Window Replacement Service Everytime!

If you’re looking for a premium glazier service in Perth that will help you create not only an aesthetically pleasing result but also one that will mostly pay for itself, be sure to contact Jim’s today and ask about our energy efficient window replacement solutions!