Shower Screen Repairs

How Can a Broken Shower Screen Be the Perfect Excuse for an Upgrade?

How Can a Broken Shower Screen Be the Perfect Excuse for an Upgrade?

Just like any cosmetic alteration to your home, trends come and go. Shower screens are no different, with brand new variations and products coming into the market all the time. At Jim’s Glass, we believe that a broken shower screen provides you with the perfect excuse to switch up your Perth bathroom and replace it with something new and exciting. Turn that negative into something positive!

Working with Jim’s Glass for your shower screen replacement in Perth will expose you to the very best products on the market. Whether you want to get it fixed and done, or you want to use your unfortunate break/crack as an excuse to revamp your bathroom completely, Jim’s Glass is here to help you out!

New Products

While a break can be dangerous and frustrating, using professionals for shower screen glass replacement will enable you to experience a prompt service as well as the best products on the market. We offer fully frameless and semi-frameless options for shower screens that have recently become popular within the industry of bathroom design. Due to their timeless look, hygienic capabilities and an illusion of greater space, these products are fantastic for any Perth bathroom.

If your old shower screen has begun to crack, no need to fear, you can replace it quickly and effectively with Jim’s Glass.

Expert Installation

New products on the market directly influence the ease and or difficulty in the installation process with regard to the skills required to do the job. At Jim’s Glass, we have years of experience installing shower screens of all different varieties in various Perth homes. If you, unfortunately, experience a break, you should contact our team of accredited glass specialists, to handle the glass replacement. If you want a product of similar nature to the previous one you had, or if you like the idea of changing into a more sophisticated minimalist look, with a frameless variety, our specialists can provide you with expert advice and recommendations.

If a break has recently occurred, we have a mobile team that can provide emergency repairs at any time of the day.


While it does open doors to redesign possibilities, broken glass can be hazardous. So, if you are going to pursue shower screen glass replacement with a brand new exciting product, professional 24/7 service is essential. It is based on your safety and everyone in your home. Glass is unpredictable, and at any point can fracture and break. If the break warrants a full replacement or just a small repair, we can determine the best course of action.

At Jim’s Glass, we know the urgency of broken shower screens and have built our service accordingly. However, this doesn’t have to be an inconvenience, and we also believe that a cracked shower screen glass can be an opportunity to undertake shower screen glass replacement with a brand new revolutionary product. For 24/7 glass replacement in Perth, call Jim’s Glass today!