How a Glass Table Top Will Protect Your Table

Protect Your Table Today!

If you’ve flipped through any interior design magazine in the last year, you probably know that glass tabletops are fast becoming one of this year’s hottest trends. Not only does a glass tabletop add a stylish glass accent to your kitchen, dining room or study but they’re incredibly practical, too. If you’ve recently bought a gorgeous wooden table for your home that you can’t bear to see damaged or have inherited a table that means something to you, then a glass table top is an ideal solution to preserve your table’s original character and elegance. The best part is that glass tabletops keep your table looking as fresh as the day it was bought without taking away any functionality.

Scratches and Scrapes

Nothing ages a table faster than a scratched surface. It’s only natural that when you get a new table, you’d want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as possible. If you wish to use the table for the kid’s homework, or for family dinner time, you’ll need a glass table top to protect your table from scratches and scrapes. Even the most careful among us will eventually tarnish the unscathed surface of our table if we don’t have a glass tabletop.


Every kitchen table eventually gets marked with heat damage. Piping hot dishes from the oven won’t always land on the protective mats you bought for them. With a glass table top, you no longer have to wince when you invite your friends around for tea as they casually place their hot cups down on your four-legged pride and joy (no, we’re not talking about your dog!). You can be confident knowing that your table top is safe and protected – focus on catching up on the latest news instead.

Spills and Stains

If you’ve ever tried to scrub red wine out of a wooden table, then you know that it’s a futile pursuit. Similarly, babies and young children seem to have a knack for leaving their works of modern food art imprinted permanently onto your tabletop. A glass table top prevents spills and stains from ever reaching the more permeable wood beneath it. It means that our clumsy wine-loving friends or our young budding artist’s handiwork become temporary exhibitions rather than permanent fixtures.


Cleaning a beautiful wooden table can in and of its self, cause damage and wear to the surface. Not only will a glass table top not degrade in the presence of moisture or abrasive cleaning products but it’s also a whole lot easier to wipe clean when compared to a wooden table top. The result is that your table stays perfectly protected and your clean-up just got a little bit easier.

Ready to Protect Your Table?

If you’ve got a table that you’d like to protect, then you can’t go wrong with a glass table top. We make custom glass table tops that will add elegance, beauty and value to your home or office while making sure to preserve the original condition of your table. With a glass table top, there’s no need to fear scratches, spills and heat anymore. We offer a complimentary measure and quote service so why not give us a call today to discuss getting started on your project today?