How a Bespoke Mirror from Jim’s Can Enhance Your Space!

Need to update your interior design scheme?

Most of us have mirrors at our homes, but how many of us have custom or bespoke mirrors? At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in delivering bespoke mirror glasses, which are manufactured to suit your needs. We also help you with professional advice to create a unique mirror design for the intended purpose.

Today, let us address three ways you can transform the look of your home using bespoke mirror glasses.

Bespoke Mirrored Cupboards

If you want to improve the looks of your bedroom, you can install custom-made mirror glasses on your bedroom wardrobes. Your room will become a sleek modern space, and you will save more space for wall art pieces because you will not install mirrors on your wall.

A custom-cut mirror glass has the advantage of being created to match the interior design of your room. At Jim’s Glass, we offer several tints and colour options that include grey, low-iron, silver, antique, bronze and any other colour scheme.

Mirror glasses are easy to clean when compared to other options like wood which can easily damage and fade. On the other hand, glass is durable and has low maintenance costs.

Custom Bathroom Mirror

Does your bathroom seem congested and dark? Installing a bespoke mirror can make your bathroom appear bright and spacious. To add a mirror in your bathroom, you can choose to place it on your bathroom wall or on a vanity top to give it a more contemporary look.

Since your mirrors will experience high temperatures, it is crucial to add foil backing to prevent damage caused by condensation.

Focal-Point Fireplace Mirror

The fireplace is often the first point you look at when you get into the living room. Since this specific area often seems dull, it is essential to revive this region using a custom mirror. To achieve this, a modified mirrored glass that has a blend of finishes and colours can give the fireplace a new life. At Jim’s Glass, we can cut the glass to fit the fireplace dimensions.

A bespoke mirror can be fitted into the fireplace using the Class A safety backing. This backing will protect the fireplace glass from heat and flame damage.

Contact Jim’s Glass for Bespoke-Made Mirrors.

At Jim’s Glass, we work to provide you with the best-mirrored glass to fit our customer’s needs. We fulfil this with the help of our state-of-the-art machinery which produces bespoke mirrored glass for various applications.

Whether you are considering placing decorative window glasses in your bathroom or coloured glass splashbacks inside your kitchen, Jim’s Glass can help you to bring your design to life. Our dedicated in-house staff will work with you to guarantee a unique space that fits your requirements.

If you already know the kind of mirrored glass you want for a specific need, then call us today at 131 546. But if you are not sure of what you need, get in touch with our experts for professional advice.