Where Is My House Headed

Article-94-300x266 Where Is My House Headed	‘Old time’ builders relied on timber and concrete for their strength and ordinary glass for windows. While timber and concrete are okay, regular glass is not.

Ordinary glass poses a great risk for serious injuries and even death. With this, new safety standards had been imposed to ensure the safety of the homeowner and the people who have glass in the home or establishment.

Where Are We Headed

With innovation and new safety standards, safety glass had been made available to homes to improve their way of living. Energy-efficient glass had been developed to ensure energy consumption is worth every penny spent on electricity bills. With more homes being built within busy city limits, sound reducing glass is making city living more bearable and cost-effective.

Home Improvement, No Less

Today, home improvement means improving the lives of people trapped in the busy lifestyle that we now have. Glass splashbacks that we use to protect our walls from water, and other harmful fluids that can seep into walls had been brought out of commercial use and are now available for the home.

Glass shower screens that effectively keeps other parts of the bathroom from getting wet and soaked is now a smart choice. Easy to clean and can give the illusion of space, many homeowners are now doing away with their vinyl shower curtains and are using glass shower screens!

Pet doors that can be installed on glass doors and low-level panels are now available for our beloved pets.

Glass It

All glass solutions are made of toughened A-grade safety glass which is fitted and maintained according to Australian safety standards. Aimed at improving home life, these solutions are not just beautiful changes to the home, but are cost-effective changes that a homeowner can have.

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