Is your home as energy efficient as it could be?
 Are you wasting your money?

Do you know what type of glass you have around your home, and how much heat they are letting in in the summer and out during the winter? Are you wasting unnecessary money on gas and electricity bills that you could be using for something more demanding? Did you know that windows are a fundamental and uniquely powerful design element of your home?
At Jim’s Glass we offer various amounts of options toward saving you money in the long run. Glass technology has come such a long way in the past decade, now providing the freedom to own more beautiful and light filled living spaces that are more safe, comfortable and energy efficient.

Ordinary glass windows, yes they do the job of being able to see outside without being outside, but are they actually doing a decent job?

Most average home glass has the capacity to (given that it is installed correctly by a qualified technician) prevent winds, cool breezes, the rain etc. But it does not have the power to prevent UV transmittance or the heat, whether the heat may be coming from inside of the home or from the outside.

Low E glass is the future of all glass.

Low E glass is different to ordinary glass because reduces heat gain and/or heat loss of the home or building. It provides and enhances insulation of the building by reflecting the heat off the glass. 
For comparison, normal glass has an emissivity of 0.84 and at Jim’s Glass Melbourne we can offer a massive difference of a 0.17 “Low E” glass, which means only 17% of heat absorbed is re-emitted. And if a solar control glass is used, it acts as a barrier to the absorbed heat in the glass, from passing inside the building as does the “Low E” coating on the inside from passing the warm air through the window to outside of the building.

Most of these types of glass can come laminated, toughened, curved, and double glazed. They can also be tinted, including greys, neutrals, greens and clears.

So where do I start?

  • It’s as easy as calling or going online to Jim’s Glass Melbourne and booking a complimentary in-home free measure and quote
  • Converse with the fully qualified and insured Jim’s Glass technician and see what your cheapest most energy efficient choices are
  • Save, save, save

You could be paying a lot less on your heating and cooling facilities if you took the energy efficient option, every window counts!

Jim’s Glass Melbourne offers a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 to book an appointment.