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Here’s Why Semi-Frameless Shower Screens Are So Popular!

What Makes Semi-Frameless Shower Screens So Popular?

When it comes to choosing a new shower screen for your bathroom, it can be hard to know which is the best fit for both your bathroom space and your budget. At Jim’s Glass, we have been working to provide our customers with premium shower screens for over 30 years, so you can bet that we’ve seen our fair share of bathroom renovations!

During our time in the glazier industry, one shower screen style that seems never to lose popularity is the semi-frameless shower screen. To find out why semi-frameless shower screens seem to be the only way to go for so many Adelaide residents, keep reading:

First of All, What Is A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen?

A semi-frameless shower screen is a shower screen that has a frame surrounding the glass along the perimeter of the outside edges but has no framing around the shower door or the parts of the screen that are next to one another.

At Jim’s Glass, all of our shower screen glass panels are made in accordance with Australian standards. Meaning that every panel is constructed from toughened safety glass to minimise injury should any unfortunate events happen.

Customised To You!

At Jim’s Glass, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a choice which is why our semi-frameless shower screens are custom-made to your bathroom requirements. Our semi-frameless shower screen frame is made from some of the strongest aluminium in Australia and is available in an extended range of colours, allowing you to choose something that complements your existing space or one that will truly make a statement.


Another reason for their growing popularity is that a semi-frameless shower screen still has the ability to provide you with a clean, streamlined look without the added expense that can come with a frameless shower screen, making it perfect for those looking for a visually clean and fresh shower screen solution at a lower price point.

At Jim’s Glass, our professional glazier team will work with you to create your ideal semi-frameless shower screen design that meets your design expectations as well as your budget.

Easier To Clean

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, it’s often a chore that so many of us do begrudgingly, especially when it comes to cleaning the nasty soap scum off of the shower screen. However, with a semi-frameless shower screen, you can make your cleaning duties a little lighter.

How? Well, a semi-frameless shower screen is built with less framing than a regular framed shower screen, meaning that there is less chance of grime and soap build up getting stuck in between crevices. Win!

Need A Semi-Frameless Shower Screen? Call Jim’s Glass!

Well, there you have it. Do you believe us yet? If you’re looking to install a new shower screen, contact the Jim’s Glass team today!