Here’s When You Should Be Replacing Your Home’s Glass!

Signs That Your Glass Needs Replacing:

When was the last time you evaluated the condition of the glass at your house? Glass replacement is not just needed for broken or damaged windows, doors or any other glass panels. Sometimes you could consider a glass replacement to change the style of your glass or to upgrade to energy-efficient, noise-isolating or safety glass.

Glass Replacement for Unsafe Glass

Your old glass probably does not comply with the current Australian standards, which makes it a security or safety hazard.

Safety glass is not easily breakable, and if it does get broken, it is less likely to cause injuries. That is why old glass replacement in low-level panels and doors with safety glass is recommended, especially if you have young children.

At Jim’s Glass, we provide a complimentary inspection to assess the glass in your home. We will then submit to you a written report and can arrange for a glass replacement of any non-compliant glass panels.

Glass Replacement for Fragile Glass

The easiest way for thieves to gain access to your home is through breaking a window or a glass door.

At Jim’s Glass, our burglar-resistant glass has a tougher inner layer that makes it hard to break using bricks, sledgehammers or axes.

Glass Replacement for Energy-Wasting Glass

Do you get a high energy bill every month? If your old glass lacks proper insulation, it may force your air conditioning or heating to work harder to keep up with the changes in temperature.

To test your windows, stand next to them on a cold day and touch the glass. If the glass feels cold, then all the heating in your house is being cooled down, as soon as it reaches your windows. It will not only make the house feel colder; it will also increase your heating bills.

In the summer, direct sunlight on ordinary glass will heat the house, even with your air conditioning working twice as much.

To insulate your windows, Jim’s Glass offers you energy-efficient glass. This fantastic innovation acts as transparent insulation for your home, keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer. This glass replacement will not only reduce your energy bills but will also provide a more comfortable living space for your family.

Glass Replacement for Noisy Glass

Do you hear a lot of the outside noise inside your house, even with the windows closed? It means your glass is not providing enough acoustic insulation. It will present a big problem for you and your family, especially if you are living in a busy neighbourhood or a busy road.

At Jim’s Glass, we can easily fit our HushGlass into your existing window frames. This easy glass replacement will allow you to experience a revolutionary development in glass technology that isolates the outside noise, without the need for double glazing.

To know more about our quick and reliable glass replacement solutions, call Jim’s Glass today!