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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Jim’s Glass Lifetime Guarantee!

Why Jim’s Glass Offers a Lifetime Guarantee

Glass brings about beauty in a home, unlike any other material. But if the window/glass is not well fitted, it can cause a lot of damage in case an accident happens. But how do you know that the glazier you have contacted is qualified? At Jim’s Glass, we get the job done correctly to avoid any risk of injury. We have a team of trade-qualified professionals who have training in at least Certificate 3 Glass and Glazing. Our team also has accreditation for AS1288 which is involved with the selection and installation of glass in buildings. Additionally, we ensure that our staff undertakes continuous training sessions for their professional development.

What does the lifetime guarantee cover?

At Jim’s Glass, the glass installation process and the glass product are both covered by our lifetime guarantee. Our products ship from around the world. These products comply with the strict Australian glass standards. Additionally, our glaziers are well equipped with the right accreditation to complete all glass-related installations with quality and precision. In case an issue originates from the installation process, we will make a replacement of the product, or instruct repair to take place.

Terms and Conditions of Our Lifetime Guarantee

The guarantee works under liabilities that are limited to the rectification of shoddy crafting, or the replacement of defective products. We exclude any liability for damage or loss of profit, except what is allowed under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010.

In case of damage caused from misuse, accidents, pre-existing issues with the framing around the glass, environmentally induced damages, or any other event beyond Jim’s control, the lifetime guarante will not be applicable.

This guarantee is non-transferrable; the invoice of the works completed is what honours its execution.

Jim’s Commitment to Our Lifetime Guarantee

In case the supplied and installed glass has some issues that pertain to these two processes, we will sort out the problem, free of charge. It can either involve a repair or a complete replacement of the glass. These measures dictate our commitment to the quality of service we provide, and the confidence we have in our services.

So, if you work with us in any glass job with our team of Jim’s Glass glaziers, you have the confidence of guaranteed services. This lifetime guarantee service was created to help maintain our service delivery.

Jim’s Glass lifetime guarantee is what you need if you are looking for some additional cover as you move along. This service helps our customer to have confidence in our brand. It also helps us to maintain a high quality of service. The lifetime guarantee is exclusive to Jim’s Glass.

Working with Jim’s Glass provides you with the confidence that we are working by the Australian standards. To back up our quality of service, we offer a lifetime guarantee and a Certificate of Compliance. To find out more, contact us today at 131 546.