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contact-us-right-now Glazier Jobs - Your Own Glass BusinessDo you… ?

✓ Get paid less than you think you should?

✓ Believe you can do it better and smarter than the boss?

✓ Want the ability to earn over $100K per annum?

✓ Want to have your own glazing business, but did not know how to start?

Be your own boss. More money. Better lifestyle!

Glazier-replacing-window-glass Glazier Jobs - Your Own Glass BusinessTaking the leap from being a wage earner to being your own boss is a big step, but Jim’s Glass can help you turn your dream into a reality and now it’s never been easier.

Jim’s Glass offers you, as a skilled glazier, a unique opportunity to be self-employed and run a business on the same level as the big names in the glass industry. The satisfaction you receive, along with the ability to double what you earn in wages now, makes joining Jim’s Glass a huge opportunity for you.

Never before in the Glass Industry has there been a way for Glaziers to become self-employed and instantly have access to an abundance of work partnered with a household business name that lets you compete on a quality reputation, and not on price!

Get paid what you are really worth!

Jims-Glass-Glazier-Truck Glazier Jobs - Your Own Glass BusinessA Glazier earns an average wage of AU$22.71 per hour. For the first five to ten years your pay might increase, but sadly your experience doesn’t have a big effect on what you get paid.

Owing a Jim’s Glass Franchise gives you the ability to earn considerably more money, while also being able to enjoy more leisure time. This means more money in your pocket with more time to spend with your family or to go out fishing!

This is an opportunity to take control of your future, generate a great income and improve your lifestyle.




The Challenges of setting up your own Glazing Business

As an experienced Glazier you should be rewarded for your skills and experience, however venturing out to establish your own business can be daunting and can put your family at risk without the support of Jims Glass. Some of the common barriers are;

Little business experience

You might know glazing but do you know how to run a business as well ? Jims Glass has a structured program and ongoing training and support  – we want you to succeed, so we’ll teach you everything you need to know to succeed.

The cost of generating work (advertising and marketing)

Mainstream marketing such as Yellow Pages, Google and television are far beyond the reach of independent operators due to the high cost. Jim’s takes care of these for you, allowing you to choose where you want to work, when and for what type of services.

No marketing experience or skills

We are experts in generating quality sales leads with mainstream advertising provided and proven systems to help you generate your own client base, so you don’t have to worry about the marketing

Kitchen-glass-splashback-installation Glazier Jobs - Your Own Glass BusinessNo safety net! (At least on wages I am guaranteed an income!)

We guarantee your income with our $2,000 a week Pay for Work Guarantee.

Price competition amongst smaller glazing businesses

The strength of the Jim’s Glass brand means quality. It’s not about price. The Jim’s brand commands at least a 10% higher price in the market place as customers like, know and trust Jim’s.

No industry support

Jims Glass backs you up with the rich resources of industry experts and powerful proven software tools to help you deliver quality solution to your clients every day.

Set Up Costs

The cost of setting up a Jim’s Glass franchise is no different to setting up an independent glass business, except there is an abundance of work waiting for you when you start. Exclusive Finance packages are available to Jim’s franchisees.

Jim’s Glass offers you a complete, low cost ‘turnkey’ solution that puts you into the driver’s seat of your own glass business, with the ability to take control of your own work schedule and income. This is achieved by providing you with;

Why Jims is good for you

 $2,000 per week minimum income guarantee
 Low Entry Cost
 Financing Available for Glazing Vehicle and Racks
 Advertising and Marketing done for you
 Access to Industry support and advice as you need it
 On-going Business Coaching and Mentoring to keep you on track for your success
 A brand that is instantly recognisable, that customers like, know and trust
 The ability to compete on reputation, not price
 Upfront and ongoing Training
 Instant access to trade accounts and discounted group pricing, meaning you can access stock sheets, cut to size and toughening at prices enjoyed by big glass companies

Find out more

There are so many other benefits to joining Jim’s Glass. If you would like to find out more, fill in your details below and we will send you an information pack and arrange for a no obligation chat to answer your questions.

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