What To Do When A Glass Window In your Home Breaks

Glass can break. That’s a fact, no matter how durable or tough the type of glass that was installed for your windows.

To avoid or minimize threats to your home and family members’ safety and security, some steps need to be done after you’ve recovered from the shock or anger over a broken window accident.  There may be a few things that you can do in the meantime while waiting for your repair/replacement team. These damage control tips may be helpful.

Clear the area. Remove everyone, including pets, furniture or other fixtures near the area of the breakage.

If the incident happened in an area that needs cleaning up immediately, follow the tips below; otherwise, just secure the area and wait for professional service.

Make sure that you have sufficient lighting before putting on a pair of protective gloves: thick leather, gardening or rubber dishwashing gloves preferably.

It is best to put the big pieces of broken glass, carefully, in a large cardboard box lined with a trash bag, first. You can then sweep the area thoroughly, starting from the outside going towards the centre. To collect the smaller pieces, rub a bar of soap over the hard-surfaced floor. But for a carpeted area, remaining glass particles may be picked up by vacuum.

For open cracks where you need to keep the cold air out, cover the window with thick plastic on both sides of the frame. Double thickness garbage bags used for heavy duty purposes can be perfect for this job and are easily available. Use wooden sash, duct tape or another strong material to staple or secure the edges of the thick plastic against the window. Or better yet the quickest way is to simply put masking tape on both sides of the glass pane. Just make sure that the crack is completely covered.

Remember, all these are just temporary, of course. These are only first aid measures to deal with a cracked glass problem, before it splits wide open! There are window repair and replacement specialists whose professional job is to take care of these cracked glass or broken window glasses.

Don’t take too long, broken or cracked glass can be dangerous. Call a glass repair technician right away, and get your window assessed or replaced as soon as possible.

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