Glass Splashbacks

Seamless Colour and Sheen

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Glass splashbacks are the ultimate choice in providing a perfect finish for your home that is durable, beautiful, colourful and easy to clean!

This amazing finish is superior to tiles in so many ways. Unlike tiles, there are no grout lines or joins to trap dirt, mould or grease. Glass splashbacks provide the ultimate in cleanliness and hygiene with cleaning being a simple ‘spray and wipe’.

There is an endless choice of colours to perfectly match your decor. Installations are custom-sized, measured perfectly to suit and can be installed with no mess or fuss in a few hours… ready to use straight away!

The reflective nature of glass adds warmth, depth and space to your kitchen that cannot be achieved with tiles. Jim’s Glass splashbacks are made using A-Grade toughened safety glass providing a surface that is stronger than tiles and fully scratch-resistant, with a finish that will not fade or discolour over time.

Glass splashbacks are the perfect choice to complete the look and feel of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, outdoor kitchen, feature walls, home bar, etc…

Endless Applications

1 Glass SplashbacksThe applications of glass splashbacks are endless and limited only by your imagination. Historically, glass splashbacks have been reserved for use in the kitchen only. With the advancement in glass technology, this amazing finish has become a perfect choice in a variety of situations to add colour, light and depth, eliminate mould and dirt build-up and add a sophisticated quality to your home.

Apart from the limitless choice of colours and the warmth, flair and sense of space that glass provides, using glass in a bathroom also eliminates the common problem with traditional bathrooms: mould in the grout between tiles.

2 Glass SplashbacksGlass can be used in all bathroom areas providing a hard-wearing, seamless surface that is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The surface is completely resistant to mould and has tremendous reflective qualities that will brighten any bathroom. With various coating options available you are able to design and create a unique look with no limitations.

In your kitchen glass splashbacks provide unrivalled sophistication. Being hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant and so very easy to clean, glass splashbacks are the best choice to compliment your new or refurbished kitchen. Additionally, our glass splashbacks are custom-made, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless finish – and are installed quickly and mess free! Glass splashbacks can also be used to enhance your outdoor kitchen, home bar or simply to create a unique feature wall.

The uses are endless as are the colours… let your imagination run wild!

Contemporary kitchen design has resulted in a demand for ‘mirror-look’ splashbacks, however traditional mirror cannot be used as it is not durable and cannot be toughened – Australian Standards dictate that splashbacks must be made from toughened glass.

Our glass technology can provide you with a toughened-glass splashback in full compliance with the glazing code and Australian Standard AS1288/2006, yet achieve a mirror-like finish of the same, high-reflective quality that using mirror would deliver.

Custom Design

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Your glass splashback is custom-designed and measured exclusively for your individual situation and requirements.

Jim’s Glass uses custom design software to measure and design your glass splashbacks. This process ensures your glass splashback not only fits perfectly, but allows you to envisage the final outcome and explore various design options. Our design service is complimentary and is completed by a qualified glass consultant and measurer.

Our precision software and manufacturing process ensures a fast turn-around time, meaning your new glass splashbacks can be installed within 14 days of the date of measure!

Jim’s Glass can match your new glass splashbacks to any colour you desire from the standard Dulux colour range. That gives you literally thousands of colours to choose from!

But if that’s not enough, Jim’s Glass can colour-match to your specific requirements –
a fabric swatch, existing tile or bench-top finish – the choice is yours… and endless!

Quality Manufacture and Splashback Installation

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Jim’s Glass splashbacks are manufactured from 6mm A-Grade toughened safety glass in low ion and fully comply with Australian Standards AS 1288/2006 and AS 2700/1996. A-Grade toughened safety glass is 8 times stronger than ordinary glass and is heat-resistant.

Jim’s Glass specialize in the manufacture and installation of glass products which ensures that you will receive the best quality workmanship and final product, as experienced by our thousands of extremely satisfied customers.

The expertise and experience of Jim’s glaziers guarantees you will receive not just a tradesman result but the perfect result. All your glass panels are precisely measured by qualified, trained glaziers, then cut to size using state-of-the-art precision machinery that allows for complex shapes and internal cut-outs. All edges are then polished before the glass is coloured to your specifications and then cured for 48 hours to ensure the colour has bonded to the glass.

Once a final quality inspection has occurred, Jim’s highly-skilled, industry-leading glaziers will arrive at your home and install your glass splash backs. All Jim’s glaziers are police & security screened, OH&S compliant and fully insured, so you can be assured that the people you are letting into your home deserve the trust you are placing in them.

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