How Does a Glass Splash Back Complete Your Kitchen

10-300x200 How Does a Glass Splash Back Complete Your Kitchen

In this current time, people are keeping up with the busy pace of everyday life. As such, we are losing the time we used to spend aching over the maintenance and care of our house. The kitchen is a hassling chore to clean. It is a highly visited and used room of the house, which means it gets its fair share of dirt and grime. With tiles still in fashion and widely used, scrubbing and scraping is the order of the day when it comes to cleaning most kitchens.

An innovative solution has been provided to kitchen owners worldwide, however, with the advent of glass splash backs slowly gaining popularity, an option that is both stylish, and easy to maintain has finally arisen. A splash back is basically a laminated finish on your splash board, or the wall above your counter and around the cooking area. Listed below are the clearest advantages to getting a splash back installed in your kitchen:

  • Hygiene and convenience. Splash backs are significantly easier to clean than their tiled counterparts. All you need to do is spray and wipe the surface clean, as opposed to doing this in addition to scraping off grime and grout from in between the tiles.
  • Durability and safety. Glass splash boards are made with tempered glass, as per building regulations. This means that your glass will withstand the test of time, whilst keeping a minimum risk at all times.
  • Flexibility. Professional glaziers can take your specifications and measure your kitchen space. They can manufacture a piece that fits perfectly in your room to meet your needs satisfactorily and effortlessly!

Innovators in the splash back market like the experts at Jim’s Glass have been clamouring to bring this stylish product to homes and kitchens for a long time. Their glaziers have been at their jobs for even longer, so you are guaranteed a clean and efficient fit, every time!

For orders, free quotations, and consultations, a call to 131 546 will satisfy all your splash back needs!