Glass Shopfronts

Glass shopfronts come in almost every shape, size, color, design, and can have just about any other feature imaginable built into them. A financial institution like a bank needs to be very secure and their glass shop-front has to be made from a material that is virtually indestructible.

Whereas, most high end retail stores try to make a statement and often require a unique design and custom cut. Most of us are used to seeing the standard glass shop-front, which is little more than a piece of glass cut to fit the available space.

To properly cut and install glass shop-fronts requires a great deal of skill and experience. Not only do you need to understand how to work with glass, you also need to how to design, build, and install the metal frame that holds the glass in place.

Some business had their glass shop-fronts installed 10, 20, or even 30 years ago and the glass that was used in them no longer meets current building codes. With any luck, you will never had a problem with yours. But if you do, and somebody does happen to get hurt, you can be sure that some lawyer will attempt to exploit the fact that your glass shop-front was not up to code.

In addition, the old glass shopfronts are not very energy efficient and more than likely your utility bills are much larger than they would be if you had a more up to date set installed. If your place of business ever has a break-in or your windows somehow become damaged or broken, there are companies that specialize in same day repairs. Glass shopfronts are the first thing that a customer sees when they come to your business and because of that you should make sure that they are maintained properly and always look presentable.

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