Why Glass is Safest

Glass has become one of the most popular materials used in constructing homes and buildings. This is because it has been proven that glass is one of the hardest and most durable construction materials, thus the growing demand for its use.

Apart from the hundreds of characteristics that make glass a popular choice, glass is also considered the safest. Here are some of the reasons why:

During Breakage

Toughened glass undergoes a specific heat treatment that ensures its ability to crumble into granular (without sharp edges) chunks to avoid injuries even during breakage. Laminated glass is protected by a film to withstand breakage upon trauma.

The variety of glass types, which can be matched to a particular function, is another factor that makes glass safe for use in various settings.

These preventive safety features of glass give assurance to homemakers, builders and designers to be more confident in using glass materials.

Hygiene and Health

Glass shower doors and glass bathroom doors prevent the likelihood of moulds forming in them. As such, they are a popular choice for homes that have asthma and allergy risks.

Glass doors and glass panels are known to be very easy to clean. There are no grout-inducing gaps where mildew and other bacteria may thrive. This is the perfect solution for every homemaker’s wish of providing a safe and healthy environment for the kids and the whole family.


The ability of glass to reflect light that adds brightness to a room is another safety feature that should never be disregarded. This is a preventive measure against slips, falls, bumps and other injuries.

Other Security features

The durability of glass makes it a popular choice for entry doors and main doors in commercial and residential buildings. The options to have these doors locked and made more secure are available in an unlimited number.

Glass is also an investment protector since furniture glass tops and table tops can keep our furniture pieces protected from scratch, moulds, pest infestation and discoloration.


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