Why Are Glass Replacements Considered An Emergency

26-300x205 Why Are Glass Replacements Considered An Emergency

Since time immemorial, glass was used for jewellery, windows, and vessels for water and wine. It was used in various works of art and had been popular in the past as handblown pieces from Italy. Fragile yet elegant, glass had been a favourite for centuries.

Glass today is not the same as it was in the olden days. It used to be a brittle substance that quickly breaks on impact. Today, glass is as durable and safe as it can be to ensure that anyone who is exposed to glass would not endure serious injuries when it breaks.

Glass Before And After

Glass is a substance that breaks with sharp and jagged edges that can cause severe injuries. Many had been cut, sliced, or even lost their lives with the old regular glass that people used in their homes. This has been changed with the Australian safety code of using safety A-grade glass in homes and commercial establishments.

Today, glass breaks in small, granulated form which would unlikely cause any serious injuries. Other safety glass even holds its shape even when broken, making it safe to be around children. Wired glass is now used in homes and offices as it can withstand blows and can be outfitted with security equipment.

Get It Replaced

Glass is now as safe as a cotton ball on the palm of your hand. However, when they break or needs replacement, professional glazing teams are always ready to lend you a hand. Make the right choice and get that old regular glass replaced to avoid serious injuries that may arise.

Making sure that glass is promptly replaced could mean the health and even the life of a family member or employee. Call Jim’s Glass today at 131 546 – the experts of safety A-grade glass!