Why Glass Pet Doors are The Smart Choice

9-300x169 Why Glass Pet Doors are The Smart Choice

Caring for a pet in your home often means that changes will have to be made for the new addition to your family. For some people, this means altering the household to make way for your new pet’s quirks and activities. Sometimes, the aesthetics of your house are affected by the addition of plastic pet flaps, litter boxes, pet beds, and other animal implements. In the case of that attractive conservatory or kitchen with the new glasswork, having an unattractive pet door over the pristine panes of glass really does defeat the purpose of making your house look stylish in the first place.

There are elegant and efficient solutions available. Compromises don’t always have to be a hassle with Jim’s Glass and their innovative glass pet doors. Each installation has been designed and guaranteed to be convenient and stylish, whilst staying as non-invasive in its application as possible. The advantages of using a glass pet door include:

  • Safety and security. Glass pet doors keep both you and your pet safe. With a variety of access options available such as free entry and exit, or a locking system to keep the door shut, or even have it open only one way so your pet can enter from the outside. Electronic upgrades are also available so that the door only unlocks when your pet is around, thanks to a tagging system around its collar!
  • Flexibility and strength. The pet door itself is affixed onto a toughened A-grade safety glass, which means that it can withstand the banging and bustling of the environment, and your pet! This also increases the overall integrity of your home, whilst keeping that stylish, clean look that your glass pane brings.
  • Convenience. Once you place your order, our expert glaziers will have your pet door installed within seven business days. This accounts for manufacturing, discussion over specifications, and delivery.

Keeping your pet in mind is a noble and compassionate cause. When you want to go the extra mile and keep both you and your companion happy, call 131 546 and have a beautiful glass pet door installed, courtesy of Jim’s Glass!