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Dangers of Pet Doors Fitted into the wrong type of Glass

Pet Door Installation

The installation of a pet door into glass is not as straightforward as people imagine. Installing a glass pet door is not just a matter of cutting a hole into existing glass and fitting a pet door. It’s important to ensure the pet door installation is done in the safest and most practical manner. Using the correct type of glass is paramount.

Pet Door Install Advice is Key

It is important that you receive the right advice. Recently, our team at Jim’s Glass in Perth encountered a Dog Door that had been installed by another glazier that was less than ideal. This poses a significant safety risk to the pet.

Ensuring that your glass pet door is installed safely with the correct glass is paramount.

A pet door in incorrect glass is dangerous

Recently, the Jim’s Glass Perth team encountered a Glass Dog Door that had been poorly installed by another glazier.

As you can see the surrounding pane of glass is badly cracked. This is a significant safety risk to the pet, and also the young children in the family.

The dog door had been fitted into normal window ‘float glass’, but should have been installed into toughened safety glass.


Broken-Dog-Door-300x225 Dangers of Pet Doors Fitted into the wrong type of Glass

Cracked glass pet door. Float glass should not be used for pet doors.

New-Dog-door-3-300x225 Dangers of Pet Doors Fitted into the wrong type of Glass

Medium sized pet door fitted into A Grade Toughened Safety Glass

Is the glass pet door big enough?

The other issue was that the dog had outgrown the original dog door. When selecting a dog door it is important to consider the fully grown size of the pet. This is to ensure that the glass pet door will be big enough for the adult dog.

Glass pet doors should use toughened safety glass

An experienced Glazier will know that float glass is not a suitable for a glass Pet Door. It is specified in the Australian Standard AS1288. The glass integrity is weakened by the hole cut into it. Also, the glass is subjected to high levels of mechanical stress as the dog pushes open the dog door.

This is because the integrity of the glass is weakened by the hole cut into it. Further, the glass will be subjected to stress that float glass is not designed to withstand when the dog passes through the dog door.

Why ‘float glass’ isn’t suitable for pet doors

Float glass is not strong enough to offer any longevity for the pet door. The biggest concern is what happens when float glass breaks. Broken Float glass creates razor-sharp shards that can cause severe lacerations to both people and pets.

When Jim’s Glass process glass for use as a dog door, we recommend and only use A-Grade Toughened Safety Glass regardless of where the panel is located. The use of this type of glass provides both

This type of glass provides both strength (toughened glass is approximately 5 times stronger than float glass) and is much safer. When broken, toughened glass breaks into hundreds of small fragments posing little to no risk of injury.

How we fixed this dog door

In this situation, the dog had outgrown the existing pet door. The day to day stress on the glass had caused fractures which could collapse into razor-sharp shards at any moment.

We solved this situation by manufacturing a new toughened glass panel with a larger dog door. Jims Glass glaziers installed the new glass and Dog Door. This was a medium-sized Pet Door, so that it can accommodate the fully grown Pet.

This was a medium-sized pet door which suited the fully grown Dog. The A-Grade Toughened safety glass is stronger and much safer than the original glass. The installation was expertly handled by a local Perth Jim’s Glass Glazier, Billy. He took special care to deglaze the sharp and broken glass. Then Billy ensured that every piece of broken glass was removed and the frame cleaned up before installing the new glass and fitting the new Dog Door.

Jim’s Glass specialise in pet doors fitted into glass. Please call 131 546 or book a quote online to arrange a free measure and quote.