When is Glass Partitions Viable

7-300x179 When is Glass Partitions Viable

Designing your office and maximising your workspace can have some very clear benefits in terms of productivity and aesthetics. Partitions in your office can define certain sections of the space to be assigned to separate workers, which can help in organising and keeping a smooth layout.

Sometimes, your workspace just doesn’t allow the use of standard plaster or ply board partitions, which end up making your room look smaller and cramp. When this is an issue, an innovative and stylish alternative is to use glass partitions. There are a number of advantages to using glass in dividing your workspace, as follows:

  • Stylish and innovative options. Glass is a very flexible and appealing material to use in an office space. For some added privacy, your partitions can be made up of tinted or clouded glass, and engravings can be placed for that extra touch of style.
  • Opens up your workspace. The transparency and clarity of a glass partition can make your room seem larger than it actually is, keeping your office airy and free. Glass partitions also have the added effect of visibility, which has become an integral part of security in some setups.
  • Durability and flexibility. Glass can be cut and moulded into many sizes, shapes, and measurements. The material itself is strong and durable, and will not almost need to replace unless an accident or similar emergency occurs. Even glass that is less than an inch thick can withstand reasonable pressures and forces with minimal effort.
  • Quick and easy installation. Glass usually comes in one pane or piece and can be installed with little to no drilling or invasive techniques. This makes its installation quick and simple for both glaziers and clients.

Companies like Jim’s Glass specialise in the installation of glass partitions, and have been at it for years so you can be sure that they know what they are doing. Their expert glaziers can attend to your requests by taking your measurements and listing down the requirements for your order, free of charge! They get right to it, having your order delivered as soon as possible so it can be fitted in no time!

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