Glass Insurance Services in Australia

Most private residences and commercial properties are covered by an insurance policy if a glass window or door happens to be broken. However, not everybody realizes this and in some cases they foolishly try to make the repairs themselves. If you find yourself in this type of situation, please call in a company that provides glass insurance services in Australia.

Most small firms and private individuals that repair glass do not possess the expertise or know all of the information that is required by an insurance company so that a claim will fly through the approval process and be paid quickly.

Jim’s Glass have a team of expert technicians that are not only capable of providing 24 hour emergency glass repair services, but also have all of the forms on their trucks that the insurance companies require to pay off a claim.

In certain instances, especially if a luxurious glass front door was broken or a high end retail store had one of the showcase windows damaged, the cost to make these kinds of repairs is very expensive. Each year the Australian insurance industry takes in billions of dollars and those funds are used to pay off these types of claims.

If one of your windows is broken, whatever you do, please do not try and fix it yourself. When a novice that does not have any experience in this area tries to make these kinds of repairs, it usually ends up being a disaster that cost two to three times as much as it should have to be repaired correctly the first time. Hopefully, you will never find yourself in this predicament, but if you do, call Jim’s Glass and let us take care of you. Fast, easy and hassle free!

Simply call our 24 Hour Hotline on 131 546 and lets Jim’s take care of the rest