Glass in the Kitchen

The use of glass panels, glass shelves, glass partitions and other glass fixtures are becoming more and more popular because of their functionality and most of all the personality that they can bring to your kitchen.

Glass has many qualities that make it perfect in the kitchen. The reflective quality of light makes housewives and decorators favor this material to bring out a bright and sunny atmosphere in the heart of the home. Glass is also easy to clean which is vital in the kitchen. Unlike tiles and granite kitchen tops, glass counter tops will not need scrubbing in between areas and corners.

Overhead Cupboards

The overhead cupboard looks excellent with framed glass doors. The glass door reveals the contents of the cupboard like supplies and ingredients making cooking and preparation easy and less time consuming.

Countertops and Worktops

Having glass counter tops as a substitute for granite or some other expensive stone proves to be a great cost-efficient strategy. Maintenance of glass tops cost less when compared to countertops made of granite and tiles. Glass countertops would have the same smooth and elegant finish as expensive stone, but with less frequent need for replacement. Some kitchen designs have glass worktops lit from the underside which can provide better illumination when preparing food.

Splash Backs

The versatility in terms of design and shape make splashbacks a kitchen requirement. Apart from being hygienic and spotlessly clean in appeal, Splash Backs are tough and can be customized to match your kitchen in size, shape scheme and layout. There is also a wide array of colors to choose from.

Jim’s Glass splash backs are made using A-Grade toughened safety glass providing a surface that is stronger than tiles and fully scratch-resistant, with a finish that will not fade or discolour over time.

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