Glass Doors vs. Wooden Doors

Aside from providing entry and exit points and a security barrier to your home, doors can also beautify your humble abode. Here are some reasons why glass doors are preferred by more and more people:

Space Saving Qualities

Wooden entry doors are commonly bulky and thick to be able to serve their function of securing the main entry of the house. As such, wooden doors are heavy. Hinged wooden doors also take up a lot of space to accommodate the movement of the door during entry or exit.

On the other hand, glass doors can be built with lightweight materials and still be compact and strong enough to be the main entry door. Professionals use a special kind of glass that is also durable and long lasting. Since they open horizontally, some homeowners opt to have sliding glass doors because they do not eat up much space during opening and closing.


A lot of options are available for your glass doors to match the style of the home or office that needs a door installed. Frames, locks, textures, illumination capacity and even colors of glass doors can now be specified and requested. In the same way that wooden doors are also known to have various options that will match every household or office theme.


The hinges that hold heavy wooden doors tend to break a lot faster under all the weight and pressure, thus, need constant maintenance and upkeep. Glass doors, on the other hand, are light weight giving less pressure to the hinges or sliding latches. They are also made to withstand pressure and temperature changes.

Wood would also be vulnerable to weather conditions. Moisture is never good for wood. The wood may expand and shrink a few times specifically around where the hinges are screwed on.  This can mean frequent repair and replacement costs that will not be good for the budget. Glass, however, does not absorb moisture, giving your door a longer lifespan and making it compatible to various weather conditions and seasonal atmospheric changes.


Most homeowners prefer wooden interior doors as they provide privacy for the family members. Interior glass doors, however, are not preferred by some people because the transparent nature of glass doors makes the room visible from the outside. This issue can be fixed by using opaque, colored or smoked glass doors that will keep visibility to a minimum.

There is a specific glass door to answer your every need and requirement. Just make sure you get the best team to professionally help you out with options. The choices are endless, but deciding should not be difficult. The experts are here to help you.


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