Glass Doors and Children

Glass doors and windows have always ranked number one in terms of aesthetic appeal and elegance in various areas of the household. The ability of glass to add illumination and reflect color is something which adds to the charm of glass doors, glass panels, glass cubicles and glass windows.

We should never forget however that apart from aesthetics the aspect of safety with regards to glass doors, windows and other fixtures should not be disregarded.

How do we keep injuries and accidents from happening in the home in relation to glass doors and windows?

Avoid bumps and bruises by using decals. Decals are transfers or stick-ons that alert children and people that a glass door is ahead. When using decals please be aware of shape and size of the stickers comparatively to the size of the glass fixture. Make sure they are visible enough to alert people so that they can avoid running into the glass door. They should be within eye level of children for easy visibility.

Keep rugs and small carpets away from glass doors where children can trip and get bumped directly onto the glass door. Children may accidentally trip onto these loose mats and get directly smashed onto the glass door. Also make sure glass door areas are well lit.

The sliding doors and glass windows should have locks to keep children from falling or getting injured. The sliding glass door lock should be suited to the type of door and should be specifically made for such function.

Be very particular with the kind of glass that your glass doors and windows are made of.  If a glass door is made of ordinary glass, it can break into small, sharp, splintered pieces that can cause very lethal injuries when broken.  The best types of glass to use for your glass doors would be Toughened Glass, Laminated Glass (Grade A) or Wired Glass (Grade B).

Jim’s Glass offers a complimentary inspection service to assess your home or business, and can provide you with a written report and arrange to upgrade any non-compliant glass panels. Once an inspection is completed and any upgrades completed, Jim’s Glass is authorised to issue a certificate of compliance that the glass in your home or business is compliant with Australian Standards.

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