Glass in Commercial Establishments

Shopfronts say a lot about your shop. Your shopfront’s appeal can bring about or drive away customers. Thus, your shopfront should mirror your brand, and speak highly of your service.

Here are some reasons why glass shopfronts are the most effective:


Glass shopfronts can be a way to boost your presence in the market. The use of attention grabbing designs and layout can highlight your products and give your shop an edge over your competitors.

A pastry shop, coffeeshop, jewelry store, toy store, craft store, etc. may not attract many customers if the goods or products are hidden by opaque, unattractive and limpid stalls and shelves. You can express the kind of detail oriented attitude you have towards your goods or service based on the layout of your shopfront.

Secure & Strong

Your attractive shopfront façade will be of no use if your glass panels are not secure. The glass material should be made of high quality material and should be in compliance with International Standards. There are various incidents like burglar attacks, fire, vandalism attempts, riots and other trauma that your glass shopfront should be able to survive even if you think that the location is the safest in the neighbourhood.  Glass glazing can also be required (Toughened or Laminated) depending on the location and type of your store.

Cost Efficient

Call it an investment. High quality and well installed glass panels that will act as the focal point in your shop will gain you more customers and will pose less security and safety risks. Once the glass panels are upgraded to the best quality, there will also be less cost for maintenance and repair.

Glass shopfronts can also reduce illumination costs because they allow natural light to brighten your store.


There are various options available for shop owners to choose from when renovating or planning out their shop’s design and display panels. There are also various colors and design themes that will match glass panel cuts, shapes, and textures.

Go ahead and let your shop shine by using the best glass material for your unique store shopfront.

Jim’s Glass specialise in glazing shopfronts. Whether it be replacing a broken or vandalised shopfront, upgrading your existing shopfront or installing a new shopfront, Jim’s Glass has the expertise and experience you require.

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