Why Glass Can Be Good

Article-88-300x204 Why Glass Can Be Good

Glass is the material of the future that is in our midst today. It had been deemed safe and functional to the extremes and made available to everyone. You can see glass from dining tables, coffee tables, doors, windows, shower screens, and many more.

For Your Safety

The use of glass in shower screens, low-level windows, panelled doors, windows, and balustrades require the use of specialised glass that looks after the homeowner and his family’s safety. Safety glass had been mandated by Australian safety standards to be used in homes, and have different types of safety glass that can be used.

Annealed glass is the common kind of glass that breaks in jagged shards and is very hazardous to have around. Many have been injured and lost limbs with this type of glass. Because of the many severe injuries, studies were put together and had given to the world safety glass.

Toughened glass is made from annealed glass that is treated with a tempering process using heat that makes it resistant to breakage. If they do, they shatter into small granules that would not likely cause serious injuries.

Laminated glass is a glass that has one or more interlayers of thin polymeric material in between glass layers that hold up the glass together even when broken. There is also film-backed glass that has flexible plastic applied to one side that can hold the glass up even when it is broken into pieces.

Let’s Use Glass

The use of safety glass in table tops, shower screens, windows, doors, and splashbacks is one of the best things that a homeowner can do to ensure the safety of his family.

Glass has an inherent elegance that can capture the heart and taste of everyone who is within its midst. Whether it is for a practical piece or feature of the home, glass is now safe enough to be utilised for a multitude of uses.

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