Glass & the Australian Temperature

Australia has been blessed with a fairly temperate climate for most of the year but due to the large size of the Land Down Under, varied climate and temperature changes can be noted in the different regions of the continent.

As such, Australian homes and fixtures, which include doors, windows, etc. (and the materials these fixtures are made of), should match the varying Australian climate so that every homeowner can enjoy letting the warmth in during the summer and feel the breeze of the rainy and winter season in the comforts of their homes.

Temperature and light factors are very important in keeping the comfort of homes and spaces at their maximum level. A poorly designed home can make family members uneasy because their homes cannot shield them from extreme and harmful weather and temperature conditions.

Having this in mind, most interior designers and home builders recommend the use of glass doors and panels most especially with an eclectic weather and temperature condition like Australia’s.

Appropriate glass panels, doors and windows can strategically influence the movement of air and ventilation inside homes. This in effect can also lessen the home’s carbon footprint since it also affects the way air-conditioning units and heaters work.

Heat travels from a concentrated area towards a cooler region until it reaches equilibrium. That is a fact that cannot be reversed. However, the installation of glass panels can slow down or speed up the movement of air, so that the family can enjoy a warm and homey temperature even during the winter or have a cool afternoon even when the outside air temperature is blazing hot.

Cool Summer 

It is best to consult with glass professionals so that appropriate glass panels can be strategically installed. Certain glass types like Energy efficient glass can lessen heat gain even with direct sunlight. It also helps in trapping cold air inside the home.

Warm Winter

Similarly, during the winter months, energy efficient glass like Low E glass can act as heat barrier between the home and the outside environment. The good thing about this type of glass is that it is much cheaper and more attractive than double glazed panels.

Consult the Glass Experts

Jim’s Glass is proud to stock and glaze Viridian SmartGlass™, an energy-efficient range of glass that recently won the HIA Green Smart Award. You can also choose the additional benefits of Viridian ComfortPlus™ and Viridian ComfortHush™ to enhance the performance and amenity of your windows. These innovative products means you can effectively control the energy performance of your home using a superior Australian made, Australian guaranteed product.


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