When to Get A Splash Back

11-300x208 When to Get A Splash Back

In architecture, splash backs are designed to protect the wall from any water damage. It also provides a surface that is easy to clean. These splash backs can be customised according to the home’s structural and aesthetic design.

Splash backs are a good way of maintaining hygiene as they are easy to clean and prevent cases of rot to the wall behind it. They can be disinfected, as well as “spray and wipe” type of cleaning can be used. There are a number of advantages that make the decision easier to add a splash back in the home:

  • Hygiene. It helps keep water stains, soap scum, and moulds build up.
  • To add depth. Splash backs are highly customisable and can add depth to the present design of the room by simply being there. Led lighting can also be used for aesthetic purposes.
  • Easy clean-up. Having splash backs can lessen the time needed to clean surfaces. Just spray and wipe!

It comes in different colours and is custom fitted to suit the structural design of the home. It is recommended for bathtub, sink, and kitchen stove areas. The main use of a splash back is to protect wall surfaces from water damage. It is also utilised to protect the wall from grease splatters in the kitchen and outdoor workstations where corrosive staining materials are used.

When deciding whether to get a splash back installed in your home, it is also best to consider the installation time needed to get it into your home. Jim’s Glass specialises in glass splash backs that can protect your walls as it maintains (even enhance) the design of your home and can add depth to a room. These can be glass or mirror splash backs, all done to suit your needs!

With endless choices, we customise installation to ensure that you get only the best service, product, and workmanship. Call us at 131 546 or contact us through our online booking, and we can assure you of a fuss-free installation and beautiful outcome!