Furniture Protection

Furniture Protection

table-top-protection-300x225 Furniture ProtectionUsing glass as furniture protection for your tabletops and furniture is the most effective way to protect them.

Glass protects the surface from scratches and damage of day to day use.

The glass also makes the furniture much easier to clean and adds a level of class and style.

Adding a glass surface to your furniture is the perfect way to protect your furniture, family heirloom, boardroom table from the wear and tear of everyday use, or accidental damage.

Don’t replace your furniture – Protect it

Replacing furniture is very expensive, so protect your furniture investment by protecting them from the wear and tear of daily life.

Keep your furniture in good condition so it either becomes a family heirloom or just to get a better resale price when you decide to change it. Either way, your furniture will look better in your home, and be ultimately be worth more if you decide to sell, hand it down or just give it away.

Don’t just protect your tables, but consider protecting coffee tables, side tables, TV cabinets, buffets, and even shelves with custom cut glass.

Glass furniture protection

furniture-protection-287x300 Furniture ProtectionWhen looking for the best way of protecting your furniture, look no further!

Jim’s Glass can give you the perfect solution that is cost effective while protecting your furniture and belongings. Glass solutions by Jim’s can also bring elegance and the look of opulence to your home.

What’s good about Jim’s work is that we have a lifetime guarantee. We give you peace of mind that the work we provide is the best.

Protect your furniture now

So what are you waiting for? Dial 131 546 and get the fast and reliable glass furniture protection only from Jim’s Glass. Get in touch now and take advantage of our free measure and quote to get that perfect fit!