Fully Frameless Shower Screen

Fully Frameless Shower Screen is the Hero of this Bathroom Renovation

semaphore-2-300x300 Fully Frameless Shower Screen is the Hero of this Bathroom Renovation semaphore-4-300x300 Fully Frameless Shower Screen is the Hero of this Bathroom RenovationThe Jim’s Glass team in Adelaide recently had the privilege to be involved in a bathroom renovation project that with a difference!

This project began with the conversion of an old bedroom in 1900s Sandstone Villa into a bathroom, the sheer size of the room allowed for the use of glass in an effective way, with the center piece being a shower recess created from a renovated fireplace, finished off with 10mm Frameless Glass

Our challenge was to create a shower cubicle that was structurally sound that could be fitted to the old fireplace. There was various design challenges including bowing walls, out of squares and the old fireplace bricks provided a poor substance to fix to.

Polished silver angle was used to trim the sides and tidy up the tilers packing with a combination of glass to floor clamps and structural silicone joins to provide the strength and rigidity. 10mm Toughened Glass and the use of Fixing Clamps with cover plates to conceal the fixings provided a perfect finish to this stunning bathroom.

The next stage was a vanity mirror, the width of the vanity with as much height as possible to create the extra feeling of space and light. We used 6mm Vinyl Backed Safety Mirror with Polished Edges to create the vanity to ceiling masterpiece (well almost to the ceiling! any higher and it would have not fitted through the doorway)

To complete the bathroom and to ensure Australian Standards for the selection and installation of glass were achieved, the old float glass in the existing timber window was replaced with grade A Safety Glass. 4mm Satinlite Toughened was chosen for the bottom for privacy and 4mm clear toughened up the top to capture and transmit as much natural light as possible.

The end result is a large spacious bathroom that utilized the space and unique features to their full extent, using glass to draw out these features providing the practical and aesthetic qualities this bathroom deserved.