Frosted & Patterned Glass – Your privacy problems solved!

Privacy is very important for your home and Frosted Glass & Patterned Glass is excellent for achieving the privacy you desire without compromising on light. Frosted Glass & Patterned Glass allows light to pass through whilst restricting the see-through factor. It is perfect for use in bathrooms, doors and other areas of the home. If you want to create more privacy, installing a frosted glass or patterned glass is the best choice. Apart from bathrooms, you can install this glass in any position of the house as it also creates an illusion of larger space inside.

Frosted Glass & Patterned Glass is well suited for use in offices and commercial centres. The installation of Frosted Glass in an office reduces eliminates the need for blinds and curtains which sometimes can make the room unpleasant and dull plus you get to keep the office light and bright, making it more comfortable. We have several exciting varieties of frosted glass and patterned glass that you can select for your specific requirements.