When Is Frameless A Thing Of Beauty

Atricle-701-300x225 When Is Frameless A Thing Of BeautyOpening a new commercial establishment is a very good thing for the enterprising soul. Choosing what goes inside the store is a tricky business. Decorations and set up can mean the total ambiance and value of the store. It sets up the mood and value of the entire establishment. So how does one choose?

Choosing Glass

Use glass. Glass can go very well with anything and can give an elegant and sophisticated look. Frameless glass systems itself can become the main attraction of the store, cafe, or any business enterprise. It gives an air of elegance and can give out the value of the place.

Simple yet classic, frameless glass systems are utilised for stairways, balustrades, shelving, displays, partitions, tables, and many more. Made of toughened safety A-grade glass, it gives off a sultry finish that gives people an uplifting feeling.

Another great benefit of having frameless glass systems is it allows more of the space to be seen; thus, giving a feeling of uncluttered space and uninterrupted views. Natural lighting gets is, as well as artificial lighting can be enhanced by the magnifying property glass. Eliminating psychological barriers, it promotes openness within the workplace and gives off a friendly appeal to both customers and employees.

The Sheer Beauty of Glass

Sophisticated, opulent, and plush beauty is achieved through the simplicity of glass. Use it functionally and display it as a feature for the world to see – the possibilities are endless!

Jim’s Glass specialises in frameless glass systems for commercial use. Offering free measure and quote, we listen to your ideas to make them into reality. Licensed, professional glaziers; as well as certified safety standard A-grade glass ensure a beautiful and safe glass clad environment. Call us now at 131 546 and let’s glass it!