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Your bathroom is your sanctuary, an oasis in your world. It’s a place to relax, unwind and indulge. A frameless shower screen can transform your bathroom into more than just a functional space; it becomes a place of beauty, a place to pamper yourself, to shut out the world, space where you can enjoy a few moments all to yourself.

Your bathroom is the centrepiece of your home, where you and your family spend time every day. The shower is the centrepiece of your bathroom, as it defines the environment which surrounds it.

Nothing compares to the look, feel and quality of a fully frameless shower screen. It’s the ultimate 
in style and brings another level of sophistication to your bathroom.

Eliminating heavy and unsightly shower frames works towards creating a bathroom with a modern, spacious feel. A frameless shower screen adds elegance and style to a bathroom of any era, with clean lines and quality fittings. Innovative in design, this superior product is extremely durable in all conditions.

A frameless shower screen is the ultimate finish to your bathroom. The glass panels provide the illusion of space and light, making your bathroom appear larger and spacious.

It is a hygienic choice for your family, as dirt and germs will have no place to settle without a shower frame to hide in. Water splashing is contained which reduces the risk of slipping on wet floor tiles. Jim’s Glass custom-makes all panels to fit your bathroom… perfectly!

Quality Fittings

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Jim’s Glass has a wide selection of high-quality hinges and handles to choose from. All fittings used by Jim’s Glass are made of high-quality stainless steel or polished chrome and are guaranteed to close on centre. Other companies use cheaper fittings which have been known to crack, suffer from springs rusting, or their chrome exterior peels away as they are made from a lower grade of stainless steel. Jim’s Glass proudly stand behind their top grade fittings which will look as good in 10 years’ time as they do today.

Custom Frameless Shower Screen Design

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Our custom design software is used to measure and design your frameless shower screen. This process ensures your shower screen not only fits perfectly but allows you to envisage the final outcome and explore various design options. Our design service is complimentary and is completed by a qualified Jim’s Glass Glazier.

Our precision software and in-house manufacturing ensure a fast turn-around time, meaning your new shower screen can be installed within 14 days of the date of measure!

Quality Frameless Shower Screen Manufacture and Installation

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Jim’s Glass frameless shower screens are custom measured and manufactured to Jim’s extremely high standards. All of the glass panels are made from heavy duty10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, and fully comply with Australian Standard AS1288/2006.

Jim’s Glass specializes in the manufacture and installation of glass products, which ensures that you will receive the best quality workmanship and the final product, as experienced by our thousands of extremely satisfied customers.

The expertise and experience of Jim’s Glass glaziers guarantee you will receive the experience of a qualified tradesman and a perfect result. All of your glass panels are precisely measured by trained and qualified glaziers and are cut to size using state-of-the-art precision machinery.

Once a final quality inspection has occurred, Jim’s industry-leading glaziers will arrive at your home and install your shower screen. All Jim’s glaziers have current Police Clearance, are Occupational, Health & Safety compliant and have been fully trained so you can be assured that the people you are letting into your home deserve the trust you are placing in them.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

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Semi-frameless shower screens are a cheaper alternative to a fully-frameless shower screen, and Jim’s Glass would be delighted to provide you with a quote.

A semi-frameless shower screen differs from a fully frameless shower screen in that there is a frame around the outer perimeter of a semi-frameless shower screen. This allows the glass to be thinner, thereby saving money on the cost of the glass as the external channel provides support. This external channel runs around the perimeter of the shower screen and requires a sidelight to pivot from which can restrict design ambitions.

Although this option is a cost-effective alternative, the final look and feel of your bathroom may be compromised. Nothing can compare to the quality and durability of a frameless shower screen. The 10mm toughened-glass panels ooze quality and sophistication. The elimination of frames provides a clean, open, spacious and seamless look that is unsurpassed.

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Enhance Your Bathroom Even Further

To achieve a truly remarkable transformation of your bathroom, combine your new frameless shower screen with coloured glass splashbacks, a new custom mirror or frameless glass shelving to create a bathroom that you will love forever and be proud to show your visitors!

Glass Splash Backs and Walls

The uses of glass splashbacks are endless – limited only by your imagination. Historically, glass splashbacks have been reserved for use in the kitchen. With the advancement in glass technology, this amazing finish has evolved into the perfect choice to replace tiling in your bathroom.

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Glass splashbacks enhanced with the use of colour; add light and depth; eliminate mould and dirt build up; and add a sophisticated quality to your home.

Apart from the limitless choice of colours and the warmth, flair and sense of space that glass provides, using glass in a bathroom also eliminates the common problem with traditional bathrooms: mould in the grout between tiles.

Glass can be used in all bathroom areas providing a hard-wearing, seamless surface that is extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The surface is completely resistant to mould and has tremendous reflective qualities that will brighten any bathroom. With various coating options available you are able to design and create a unique look with no limitations.

Custom Mirrors

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Mirrors are also a beautiful accessory to your bathroom and are essential in creating a unique place in your home. Besides their practical function, mirrors also create an appearance of space, enhance lighting and reflect colour. Mirrors can transform an entire wall into a feature making a small bathroom feel like a palace, with the illusion of space!

Jim’s Glass manufacture mirrors of the highest quality with perfect, precision, cut-to-size measurements, enabling you to create the look and feel you desire. With a range of edges, finishes and treatments to transform your space, custom mirrors are the perfect way to give your home that unique and elegant touch. Whether it is segmented, curved, sandblasted, etched, bevelled edge or tinted, we have an impressive range of finishes to suit any design.

The most popular finish is typically bevelled edge and polished. Bevelled edge mirrors are a stylish addition to any area in the home, especially your bathroom. The elegantly bevelled edge at a 45º angle, acts as a frame for the mirror, giving the mirror its own depth and character. Mirrors are polished smoothly with rounded-off edges ensuring both safety and elegance.

Jim’s Glass can make a mirror of almost any shape you desire, and in a small room, a mirror will provide the illusion of space. Any room in your house with a custom cut mirror will appear brighter, spacious and elegant, adding light and a sense of extra space and openness to the room.

Glass Shelves

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Your frameless glass shower screen investment is not complete without a set of matching glass shelves! Using the same high-quality fittings, your custom shelves can be made to any size or shape to suit your new shower screen perfectly.

Custom glass shelves are manufactured from A-Grade toughened safety glass and come with polished edges and a range of fitting options allowing them to be fitted glass or a wall.

Your new custom glass shelves are a perfect way to de-clutter your shower, further enhance the look and ambience of your bathroom and provide an elegant storage solution. Custom glass shelves can be fitted inside the shower as corner shelving or as a straight ledge. They can also be fitted above your vanity or used as additional storage elsewhere in your bathroom.

The uses are limited only by your imagination. Jim’s Glass can discuss the many options available and work with you to design a solution that fits your individual requirements.

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