Frameless Shower Screens

There are quite a few products that you can use in a bathroom to enhance its appearance and create a state of the art look. Some of them are marble, granite, stone, or tile accents on the walls and floor, recessed or LED lighting, or one of a kind bathroom fixtures. One of the most creative and highly decretive items you can install in a bathroom is frameless shower screens.

While they are more expensive when compared to the standard shower curtain, the look and appeal they add to a bathroom cannot be duplicated using any other product. Frameless shower screens are made from tempered glass which makes them virtually indestructible and extremely safe.

If you plan on using a set of frameless shower screens you should order them way before you need to have them installed. The glass itself needs to be cut according to your bathrooms exact measurements. It is highly recommended that you do not attempt to order this product on your own, but instead call in a Jim’s Glass glazing professional to do the measuring for you.

They will know how much space needs to be left between the wall and the glass so that the material that is used to secure them to the wall and waterproof your bathroom will have enough room to be applied properly. In addition, the installation process is not something that a homeowner should attempt to do by themselves.

Frameless shower screens can be custom made to fit just about any area and the glass can be tinted to match the other colors in your bathroom. If you really want to have a bathroom that stands out and says something about your individual taste, then you should strongly considering using frameless shower screens if you are building a new home or remodeling an old bathroom.

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