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Frameless Shower Screens vs. Framed and Semi-Frameless. Which Is Best For You?

Choosing The Right Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

When it comes to choosing the shower screen for your Adelaide home, it is essential that you look at the different range of shower screens on the market to see which is an ideal match for your Adelaide home.

At Jim’s Glass, we offer three types of shower screen solutions for our clients. Framed, Semi-frameless and frameless shower screens each have their benefits and suit different homes for varying reasons.

Our team has several successful years of industry experience working with glass shower screens and can provide you with the design advice that you’re looking for when it comes to selecting your new shower screen. We pride ourselves in providing choice to all our clients, but we also understand making the right decision can be difficult. It is why we entrust only to our professional glaziers with the industry knowledge and experience the completion of your free quotation and measure service. It is part of our pledge to ensure your shower screen is the perfect fit for your Adelaide bathroom.

To find out more about our framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screen options keep reading:

Framed Shower Screens

Our framed shower screens are a stylish choice for those who want their bathroom to look modern and fresh but are working within a budget.

These price-conscious screens have a full frame around the perimeter, sides and doors. Because we only use strong aluminium and durable safety glass, these shower screens are ideal for those wanting a practical and sturdy solution.

Our frames are also available in a wide array of colours, allowing you to create a shower screen design that fits in perfectly with the existing look and feel of your bathroom.

Semi-Frameless Shower Screens

The semi-frameless shower screen has more glass, with less aluminium framing than the framed shower screen options. By framing only the perimeter, our semi-frameless shower screens will help you achieve the illusion of more space – perfect for bathrooms on the smaller side!

Frameless Shower Screens

Our frameless shower screens are the Rolls Royce of shower screens! With an entirely frameless finish, these shower screens allow you to create a luxurious bathroom and have the ability to transform your Adelaide bathroom like you wouldn’t believe. It doesn’t matter what type of toilet your Adelaide home has, a frameless shower screen will add sophistication unlike any other. If you’re looking into upgrading or replacing your current Adelaide shower screen, look no further than Jim’s Glass! We are the leading shower screen professionals that will provide you with products and service like no other.

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