When Does Frameless Matter

Article-86-300x200 When Does Frameless MatterWhen something does not have anything to hold it up along its sides, it is said to be frameless. Keeping them standing steadily is magic! A charm of pure engineering, design, and innovation is what keeps frameless an awesome addition to the home. Whether it is a frameless shower screen, frameless shelving, and many other frameless glassworks within the home, it not only exudes an opulent sophistication and elegance but also an air of magic!

Go Frameless

Frameless glass shower screens are supported by a safety guide rail on the floor that makes sure it would not move. The glass panels are expertly and “magically” held in place by special clips on the top part. Because they are frameless, they are made from toughened A-grade safety glass to ensure safety of the family.

Frameless glass screens are highly customisable in terms of size, shape, and design. You can choose whether you like sliding, pivot, or the walk-in entryway. It can be made of coloured glass, clear glass, acid etched, frosted, or bevelled and can be incorporated with your personal design. Glass is a very useful invention that leaves us breathless and with no limitations.

The Frameless “Magic”

Glass has this lavish sophistication that matches any interior design. With frameless glass shower screens, you can have an elegant upgrade to your bathroom. Made of toughened A-grade safety glass, you can be assured of the whole family’s safety all the time.

Frameless glass screens are another way of saving money on electricity as you would only need one central bathroom light. Energy efficiency is a benefit that comes with glass as the light is able to pass through and is enhanced by glass. Beauty, efficiency, and functionality for your home without the heavy lines of frames – frameless is the way to go!

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