What are Frameless Glass Systems For

13-268x300 What are Frameless Glass Systems For

Whether frameless or semi frameless, these glass systems gives you functional, as well as aesthetic advantages that will set you apart from the others. From uninterrupted panoramic views to clean, crisp lines and design flexibility, you can achieve a fresh, elegant finish to your space.

For a long time, semi frameless and frameless glass systems had been used to highlight and stylise entrance ways, balustrades, stairways, café screens, and even shopfronts. If it works for them, it can work for you too! In a lot of ways, glass systems can enhance the ambience of any space from dull and dark to sophisticated and modern.

Creating ambience is one great reason to get a frameless glass system. It can make a room seem bigger with all the space not being occluded. It also creates a certain level of modern sophistication and exudes an aura of opulence. Uses for this type of system abound. Choosing the right one that would answer your need is a decision best made with more information to ponder on.


Shopfronts, when done with frameless glass, can highlight the products and wares with an unobstructed view.

Office entryway

Creating an obstructed view of the office, it gives off a clear view of what is going on inside.

Internal glass partitions

Without obstructing the view, this can give the impression of space, yet still gives much needed privacy.

Balustrades and stairs

With the use of high quality glass, this can ensure safety and provides the stairs a dramatic view resulting in a sophisticated ambience.


Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, the beauty and immense possibilities that a frameless or semi frameless glass system can give you is insurmountable! Professional installation with Jim’s Glass can answer to your installation needs, as well as maintenance and replacements.


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