Why Frameless Doors Gain Popularity

Most people think that frameless doors are expensive and maintenance costs are too high. The initial price may be a little bit expensive than regular glass doors but since frameless doors are made from more durable material, they last longer and have been proven to be stronger too.  In effect, they are more cost efficient in the long run.

There are no frames that need to be maintained and replaced frequently. Most of the hinges and handles are made from stainless steel or chrome which are rust proof and very reliable in terms of functionality and durability. Since glass doors are made of more sturdy material, cleaning costs and efforts are minimal. The only thing you will have to take into consideration is the glass panel itself, there are no frames and other little parts to worry about.

Frameless doors can be a good additional investment because they add value to your home.

Your frameless glass doors can also match various types of themes in your home. Since there are no bulky frames, frameless doors cannot hinder your modern, alternative or unconventional designs. The absence of frame also opens up more space and can make your area wider.

Some people may think that frameless doors are prone to water splashes in the bathroom due to gaps and spaces in between glass panels. This can only be true when your frameless doors are improperly fitted and measured. This can happen if the installers are not skilled and are not well trained to handle such frameless glass door installations.

Jim’s Glass frameless shower screens are custom measured and manufactured to Jim’s extremely high standards. All of the glass panels are made from heavy duty10mm A-Grade toughened safety glass, and fully comply with Australian Standard AS1288/2006.

Jim’s Glass specialize in the manufacture and installation of glass products, which ensures that you will receive the best quality workmanship and final product, as experienced by our thousands of extremely satisfied customers.


Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary in-home measure & quote service to discuss your ideas. During this time a trained glass specialist will discuss your options and provide you with a quote. Call 131 546 to book an appointment.