What to do With Fogged Windows and Window Condensation

What is condensation?

Condensation is a natural occurrence. Condensation happens because the surface temperature of the window is below the dew point temperature of the air in the home. This is the same as the condensation that you see on a glass of water after you take it out of the fridge.

What causes condensation?

Excess humidity in the home is also exhibited by foggy windows. The colder season exhibits more condensation as compared to warmer months due to the reason mentioned above.

One of the many reasons that may cause or aggravate condensation is the presence of leaks. Foggy windows could be a sign of gaps on areas where they are expected to be sealed.

What are the effects of condensation on glass?

Apart from being unattractive and a block to your view of the outside, fogged windows and excessive condensation can lead to mold growth. Mold growth can then trigger asthma and allergy attacks and other health problems. This can also initiate wood rot and damage to paint, wallpaper and curtains where the glass and frames meet. Musty odors most especially during winter can also be an aftereffect of excessive condensation on your windows.

How can this be prevented?

Control humidity – When the temperature outside decreases, you have to regulate and decrease the humidity level inside the home to control the condensation. The use of exhaust fans in the kitchen or other areas of the house is a good practice. Turn off humidifiers and open fireplace exhausts to allow escape route for the humid air. Clothes dryers can be vented outside instead of indoors.

Energy Efficient Windows – Utilize energy efficient windows that have the ability to reduce heat conduction and thus reduce outside glass temperature. Most home builders suggest reglazing of windows with energy efficient glass or an installation of more energy efficient glass.

Accurate Ventilation System – Aerating the living room and the various rooms a few hours each day can also help regulate humidity. Make sure to aerate the more humid areas like showers and baths after each use.

If you are unsure on how to solve your condensation problems and you are tired of seeing water, frost or icy spots on your glass windows and window corners, it is best to call the glass window experts.

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