Five Things You Need to Invest in With Every Bathroom Renovation

Know Where To Invest In Your Renovation

It is easy to get overwhelmed when it comes to completing a bathroom renovation. One of the ways to determine how much you need to spend, and how you approach the task, is to precisely identify what areas of your bathroom renovation you need to invest in.

At Jim’s Glass, we genuinely believe that the service we offer allows you to be selective and thorough with your bathroom renovation. Below, are the five areas of shower investment that we think to be the very best. To ensure your new bathroom looks fantastic and works great, allow Jim’s Glass to help.


At Jim’s Glass, we specialise in bringing a range of mirrors to residential and commercial bathrooms. Not only do we help supply you with a brand new product, but we can take the stress out of the installation process by completing it for you. Your mirror is incredibly essential, mostly because it needs to be installed with diligence and correctness.

Shower Screen

People seriously underestimate the importance of a quality shower screen. At Jim’s Glass, we provide a broad range of popular shower screen products to our customers, to ensure its safety and aesthetics. If you have a particular design to match, our want our advice on what kind of shower screen will look great in your newly renovated bathroom, our team of glass specialists can help you out.

Shower Head

You shower every day. (Hopefully.) We all know what it is like jumping in that hotel shower where the pressure isn’t right. Well, if you think about just how often you will be under your showerhead, it is easy to conclude that this is an area worth investing in. While it may not specifically be our area of expertise, we can confirm that a good shower head works in cohesion with a quality shower screen!


The toilet is vital. Let’s be honest; it is used regularly in most households, so why not invest in a high-quality product. Just because it is a toilet, doesn’t mean that you need to cut corners and pick an unsightly product, make sure it looks the part and looks great with the rest of your bathroom.


Ultimately, your bathroom is one of the most frequented areas of your property. Whether this is by your family or any guests you have, it is vital that space looks the part. At Jim’s Glass, we can help you ultimately invest in the cohesion of an existing or new bathroom, by keeping an eye out for the things that you may not notice.

When it comes to mirrors and glass, Jim’s can help you pick a product that ultimately gives your new bathroom cohesion. Call today to organise a quote.