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Five Reasons You Should Choose Jim’s Glass For Your Adelaide Shower Screen Repairs

Why Choose Jim’s Glass?

Shower screen repairs need to be handled immediately by professionals to avoid potential danger in a location that you use every day in your Adelaide home. At Jim’s Glass, we employ a specialised shower screen repairs team who are efficient and trade certified.

Our glaziers are experts in repair and replacement of glass inside the home, and we make sure that your shower screen repairs are completed precisely and at a competitive price. Jim’s Glass offers free quotes, and the team will run you through all your options before we begin.

As leaders in the glazing industry, Jim’s Glass pledges to deliver unparalleled levels of professionalism and outstanding customer service. Call our friendly operators at 131 546 today to organise your shower screen repairs and make sure your Adelaide bathroom is back to the safe environment it should be.

To help ease your mind that you’ve made the correct choice when it comes to shower screen repairs for your Adelaide home, we’ve put together a list of five reasons why Jim’s Glass stands out from the crowd.

Prompt Service

At Jim’s Glass, we pride ourselves on our speedy shower screen repairs. We fully understand the consequence of an immediate response to bad glass breaks, so we operate a 24-hour hotline for your convenience.

Accidents can happen any time of day or night, that’s why Jim’s Glass always has qualified glaziers ready for disposal for your Adelaide shower screen repairs.


Our emergency replacement team is always fully prepared and standing by with a van full of A-grade safety glass of all specifications and tools to suit all of your shower screen repairs. Our glaziers are all fully-licensed professionals and are exceptionally skilful in the area of shower screen repairs.


Shower screens that break or show cracks may have coverage under an insurance policy – which Jim’s Glass accepts. We are authorised to perform glazing services for all the major insurance companies.

Once we’ve completed the job, you can pay the excess straight to Jim’s Glass, and after you’ve provided your claim number, we can send the bill to your insurance company.


Jim’s Glass aims to always be at the forefront of the glazing community, which means keeping up with the trends. We are still making sure we are up to date with all the new and stylish glass shower fittings and assure you that we can do all shower screen repairs.

Customer Service

Your satisfaction is our utmost concern, that’s why we make ourselves available 24 hours a day for your shower screen repairs in Adelaide.

Call and speak to our friendly team at 131 546 and schedule the absolute best in household glass repair today!