How Far Can I Go With Splashbacks

blog-123-300x199 How Far Can I Go With Splashbacks

Restaurants and other commercial establishments use splashbacks to protect the walls behind their sinks and stoves. These are functional uses of glass splashbacks; however, is this the only way a glass splashback can be used?

Bringing the technology and benefits of glass splashbacks in the home can incorporate beauty and functionality into one cost-effective package. Glass, being easy to clean, can make a busy homeowner’s life easier, as well. This can save you precious time and money on wall repairs and structural damage caused by water seeping into the concrete or wood of the wall.

World Class Display

Looking around museums and finding gallery exhibitions behind glass is not a whole new thing. However, walking into galleries and finding the entire wall covered with one whole sheet of glass that is directly mounted onto the wall is both chic and elegant. These are common for galleries and museums in Europe to protect their art and preserve it from moisture and humidity. This innovative use for glass splash backs can now be used in the home.

Easy to clean and immensely beautiful in its simplicity, this can become a great feature to any living room or any area in your home that you wish to display and show your work of art, effectively protecting it from dirt and water.

Two In One Play And Display Solutions

Many households are now making use of glass splashbacks in many ways including using it as a room feature in its simplest yet elegant way. Put a beautiful picture or LED lighting and create your own masterpiece in your living room for the world to see!

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