Evolution of the use of Glass in the Home

Glass is widely used everywhere. There are glass doors, glass furniture tops, glass windows, glass coffee tables, and a lot more.

Have you ever wondered how glass came to be a popular component of almost every fixture and furniture in your household?

Early Glass

The early glass was volcanic glass which was used by pre-historic men in weaponry. And due to its scarcity; it was viewed with a high value for trade. Later on, it apparently was used as jewelry; made by accident as a byproduct in metal works, all the sand particles near the blacksmiths’ fire pit turned to tiny glass beads.

The Ancient Romans later on discovered another use for glass. They concentrated in manufacturing glass with color. These glass materials were used as wine bottles and windows. These were the first domestic use for glass. The symbol of elegance and royalty was linked to glass especially during the ancient times when cathedral windows would showcase stained glass designs and patterns.

Modern Glass

Through time, the old connotation of glass as fragile has evolved in the modern times because there are lots of varieties in the market today. There is Tempered or Toughened Glass. This type of glass is made through controlled thermal or chemical treatment to make glass tougher. There is safety glass and other types of glass made for specific purposes like shower doors, windows, windshields and tables.

The use of glass nowadays is limitless: doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, fixtures, panels, tabletops, plates, partitions, shelves, etc. A fairy tale character even used it as footwear. From being a symbol of royalty, glass has now evolved into a symbol of strength and versatility.

The versatility of modern glass is most especially exhibited in the various ways it can be functional in your home or office setting. You will be surprised at how efficient a perfect piece of glass window or panel can add to the professional appeal of your office or the homey feel of your living room.

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