Ensure That You Have Coverage in the Event of Breakage

Emergency Window Replacement

A broken window can be extremely hazardous, particularly if you have young children at home. Besides, a window breakage can compromise the safety of your home or business, making it impossible to keep undesirable elements out.

It is especially important that businesses, hospitals and schools have twenty-four-hour access to emergency window replacement because a window breakage in these buildings can be difficult to contain, and can endanger the safety of many.

When is emergency window replacement required?

Any time that a window is visibly damaged, you should consider it an emergency. Window cracks can be a sign of a structural shift in your building, and even small cracks can cause a window to shatter spontaneously, posing a risk to anyone nearby.

When a window shatters completely, it is hazardous for anyone close. You can sweep and vacuum meticulously and still find shards of glass for weeks to come. It is why we reiterate that even a small imperfection in your window equates to an emergency. Preventing a large-scale breakage through pre-emptive glass replacement is better than dealing with the mess and putting yourself and others in harm’s way.

If you notice a crack, don’t delay in having your window replaced. Call Jim’s Glass on 131 546, at any time of the day or night, and eliminate the risk of a more severe emergency occurring.

What to do in a window breakage emergency?

If an emergency breakage occurs, section-off the area, if possible, and remove yourself from the hazard. Do not attempt to handle the glass yourself. Without the right safety equipment, there should never be less than a broom-handle between you and the broken glass.

Call an experienced glazier immediately to arrange for your emergency window replacement. Jim’s Glass has a staff of the most skilled and experienced glaziers in Australia; we ensure that sufficient staff are always on-call so you can reach us promptly in an emergency.

Time is of the essence in preventing injury and securing your premises, so we’ll attend to your window clean-up and replacement with the greatest sense of urgency.

If the emergency has occurred in a well-populated area, stay close to the site and direct others away from danger if necessary, until your glazier arrives.

Secure insurance coverage for your emergency breakage claim

Calling on Jim’s Glass to handle your emergency window replacement, ensures that your insurance claim will be as hassle-free as possible. Due to our excellent industry standing, and membership to the Australian Glass and Glazing Association, we are recognised as a preferred provider of glass replacement, by several major insurance companies. Choosing a glazier that your insurance company trusts is the surest way to ensure that your claim will sail through, and see you compensated swiftly for the emergency replacement.

Jim’s Glass: the name you can trust for emergency window replacement

When you experience a glass breakage, it is easy to feel panicked and vulnerable. In these situations, you need a business that is reliable and trustworthy and considers that your safety is paramount. Each Jim’s Glass glazier has a current police clearance. We will also certify that we complete your emergency replacement according to Australian Standards. What’s more, we extend a lifetime guarantee on our glazing services, giving you total peace of mind in an emergency.