Emergency Window Replacement

Emergency Window Replacement

Jim’s Glass specialises in emergency window replacement. If you need window glass or window frame repaired, call Jim’s Glass. We fix your broken window promptly, efficiently and with minimal interruption to you.


Jims Glass glaziers are qualified

The glaziers at Jim’s Glass glaziers are qualified and trained to promptly repair window breakages. All repairs are compliant to Australian Standards. We can even manufacture a new window frame if that was also damaged. Simply call 131 546 and let Jim’s take care of the rest.

Your windows are your eyes to the world outside your home. Windows allow you to see what is going on around you. They let in the light of day and protect you and your family from the elements.

Windows are engineered to protect your family and house from the weather outside. Windows also allow natural daylight into your home.  As a homeowner, you should make sure that your windows are well-maintained as this helps your home’s energy efficiency.

Standards-based Emergency Window Repairs

Homes built prior to the introduction of the Australian glazing code may have sub-standard window glass installed. We ensure that all window repairs comply with the Australian standard. This protects you, your family and visitors to your home from accidental injury from sub-standard glass installation.

Rotten or rusted window frames can compromise your home’s energy efficiency. Faulty window frames can also cause window glass to break. Jim’s Glass is the leading expert glazing team that you can rely on for fast and professional service.  Ensuring that the job is done properly would ensure that your home is safe, energy-efficient, and fully functional.

Window replacement when it’s not an emergency


Homeowners replace their window glass for a number of reasons. Some choose to upgrade their regular window glass with energy-efficient glass or sound reduction glass. These replacements should comply with Australian standards AS1288-2006 (Glass in Buildings – Selection and Installation).

There are also homeowners who replace windows as part of a renovation.

Often your home’s windows are one of the first things that people notice about your home. Rotten or rusty window frames detract from the overall appearance of your home.

Have damaged windows and window frames repaired or replaced by Jim’s Glass. This will improve your homes energy efficiency. You can rely on Jims Glass 24/7 emergency window replacement service for your home or office.

Jim’s Glass employs highly skilled professional glaziers who assess the entire window. They look into getting you economical solutions that would not bore a hole in your pocket. Jims Glass provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency window repair and window replacement services.

Jim’s Glass gives you your money’s worth in window replacement plus more! Dial 131 546 for expert emergency window glass and window frame repairs and replacements today!