Double Glazing Glass Replacement

double-glazed-window-replacement-300x232 Double Glazing Glass ReplacementDouble Glazed Glass Replacement

Jim’s Glass specialise in the replacement of damaged and broken double glazed glass panels. The skilled Glaziers at Jim’s have the expertise to assess the makeup of the broken unit and arrange for a suitable replacement that matches what was in situ.



The correct double glazed unit

Double Glazed units come in a myriad of sizes and combinations of glass types and air gaps; having these correctly identified is essential.

The professional Glaziers at Jim’s Glass are trained in identifying the design and make up of your Double Glazed Unit, ensuring that your replacement glass correctly matches.

double-glazed-window-replacement-high-rise2-225x300 Double Glazing Glass ReplacementStandards compliant double glazed units

Another critical element is to ensure that the replacement unit is manufactured properly and installed correctly. Jim’s glass source and install double glazed units that comply with AS4666, which is the Australian Standard that governs the fabrication and installation of Insulated Glass Units, otherwise known as double glazing. The installation of your replacement double glazed unit is covered by Jim’s Glass Lifetime Guarantee.

Double glazed window replacement safety

The replacement of an existing doubled glazed unit will require a new unit to be fabricated which can take 1 – 3 weeks. Jim’s Glass will make the existing unit safe until the replacement unit is ready for installation.

Jims Glass are experts at double glazed glass replacement

double-glazed-window-replacement-high-rise-225x300 Double Glazing Glass ReplacementBeing experts in double glazed glass replacement, Jim’s can take care of the replacement, whether it’s in your home, business or multi story apartment; Jim’s Glass trade qualified glaziers have the skills, knowledge and experience you need.

Offering a comprehensive glass replacement service, Jim’s Glass can respond to your broken double glazed glass situation fast, effectively, and hassle-free. To find out more about our glass replacement service, including making an insurance claim click here.

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