Double Glazing Glass Replacement

Double Glazing Glass Replacement on the Seventh Floor!

Jim’s Glass specialise in Glass Replacement, including Double Glazing whether its a residential window or a large panel on the top floor of an apartment building, Jim’s have the skills and experience to solve the situation and get damaged double glazed units replaced quickly and efficiently.

An example of this was recently when Jim’s Glass were called out to an Apartment complex in Adelaide where a double glazed unit had been broken. The inner pane had been shattered by the internal sliding door being slammed onto the frame, causing the glass to fracture.  As a double glazed unit is comprised of an inner and an outer pane of glass separated by a sealed spacer, there was no security risk as the outer pane was in tact; however a replacement panel needed to be arranged. The broken glass was cleaned up and the damaged panel made safe while Jim’s Glass arranged for a new Double Glazed Unit to be manufactured. This was arranged and the new DGU was ready for install a week later.

photo-2-224x300 Double Glazing Glass Replacement

Double Glazed unit damaged by impact from internal sliding door

Then came the challenge! This particular panel was on the 7th floor balcony, was 4.65 square meters in size and weighed 140 kg ! Getting this panel up to the 7th floor was going to be challenging! The new Double Glazed Unit  was too big to fit in the lift and too heavy to carry up the stairs (and would not fit in through the doors anyway!) The only option was to arrange for a crane to hoist this large, heavy double glazed unit up onto the balcony. Once on the balcony the Jim’s Glazing Team could then install and glaze the new panel into position. Residents enjoyed the show as the glass panel was craned up to the 7th floor. Then within the hour the new glass was fitted and glazed by Jim’s experienced glaziers. The customer was pleased with the service and the professional and efficient manner the situation was handled.

FullSizeRender-225x300 Double Glazing Glass Replacement

145kg Double Glazed unit being lifted up to the 7th Floor

FullSizeRender-2-225x300 Double Glazing Glass Replacement

Receiving the Double Glazed Unit onto the Balcony

FullSizeRender-1-225x300 Double Glazing Glass Replacement

Glazing the Replacement Double Glazed Unit

Jim’s Glass offer a complimentary measure and quote service. Next time you have a broken glass situation call the name you can trust to get it done right the first time – Jim’s Glass – 131 546.