Emergency Glass Repair

Don’t Wait On Emergency Glass Repair, Jim’s Operates 24/7!

Fast And Reliable Glass Repair

You’ve called out to stop the horseplay, but your two precious boys are still at it! Then the unspeakable happens next! The sliding glass door shatters into pieces, and it is all over your floor! Before you change careers to prison warden, consider these first!

Take a deep breath, pick up the phone and call Jim’s Glass! Yes, even at 11:00 PM – anytime, for that matter. By the way, why are the boys up that late?

While waiting for Jim’s team, let me tell you why we are the team you need.

24/7 Service, 365 days

We are there for you anytime, day or night – every day! We will come to you and assess your situation. When you call, you will be talking to a live representative who will make the first assessment and determine if the glass job is something that requires minor repair on the spot or something that will need more time. Whatever it is, the team will be dispatched to deal with your situation.

Expert Glass Handlers

At Jim’s Glass, you can expect nothing but professional glass handlers to deal with your emergency glass repair. You can have full confidence that they will do an excellent job. Our glass engineers have full training and accreditation and can handle various glazing systems. At Jim’s Glass, we love working with glass! So we endeavour to provide top-quality materials that will satisfy not just you, our customer, but us as craftsmen, as well. Our pride is your gain!

Materials with Integrity

Glass can be a safety hazard, but its usefulness in the home is undeniable when it comes to both functionality and aesthetics. We only use glass that meets and exceeds industry standards. You can have the confidence that your replacement glass will stand the test of time or your money back!

Your Safety – Our Priority

A glass door that was once there is like a hand waving at a burglar to come in and breach your security, not to mention getting your home exposed to the elements. We, at Jim’s Glass, are very much aware and concerned about your predicament and aggravation. We can even do the clean-up for you –considering of course that shattered pieces of glass can put you and your family at risk. We also do emergency board-up in case the glazing job is complicated and will require additional time to replace or repair. It will ensure your family’s safety.

Competitive Pricing for Products and Services

At Jim’s Glass, we keep ourselves abreast of the current costs of materials and services in the industry. Keeping our costs down and competitive is one of the ways we can ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with us. We are very much aware of word of mouth advertising, and we covet your testimony for a job well-done. You can have full confidence that Jim’s team will deliver – every time!

For emergency glass repair, call on Jim’s today! Put our number on your refrigerator in the event the boys do some roughhousing again and break more glass. Trust Jim’s Glass to come to your rescue!