Dog Doors

Dog Doors

dog-doors-300x220 Dog Doors

Dog’s are man’s best friend. Just like you, he has a need to go out and about.

If he’s socialising or patrolling the property, dog doors give him the freedom to move about on his own terms.

Jim’s Glass not only does the best glazing in town, but also supplies and installs the best dog doors as well!




Dog Door Quality

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Jim’s Glass pet door system provides the perfect finish.  Made from high-grade commercial acrylic and double-sided mounting system, you can be assured that you get pet doors that are strong, durable, and blended with the surrounding architecture of your house.




A dog door that meets Australian Glass standards

To ensure that our work is compliant with current Australian standards, Jim’s pet doors are fitted into new panels of glass that are manufactured from A-grade toughened safety glass.

This ensures that the glass is durable enough to withstand the rigours of everyday use and compliant while ensuring longevity and safety.

Get the right sized Dog Door

To make sure that Jim’s Glass special dog doors are the perfect match for your pet, we have two sizes that can answer the needs of your dog.

The smaller door is suited for smaller dogs, and the larger one is more suitable for medium to large size dogs.


A New Glass Panel for your Dog Door

dog-doors4 Dog Doors

Dogs may at times bump on the glass as they run towards the house.

This may, in turn, make regular glass (annealed glass) break, and when it does it will break into razor-sharp shards.

Safety Glass for your  Dog Door

Regular glass is not suited for the demands of having a hole cut into it, as well as a pet door attached!

Jim’s Glass only use A-Grade Toughened Saftey Glass to ensure durability and safety. A-grade toughened safety glass will last year after year because of its durability.

Should the glass accidentally break, you can still be assured that you, your family, and your pet are safe!

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Get a Dog Door

What are you waiting for? Improve your dog’s day-to-day activity by giving him the freedom to go in and out of the house as he pleases with Jim’s Glass special dog doors.

Dial 131 546 and get your free measure, quote and consultation for a more comfortable and secure home for you and your dog!

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